Investment Solutions

Our knowledge combined with established business connections means we can introduce you to a range of innovative investment solutions. Whilst the majority are focused within the property market we offer a range of other investments. We have extensive experience within fixed income and hedge funds. It is our aim to work with you to create a safe and secure relationship, based on mutual trust and transparency, to help you realise your long-term investment goals.

Utilising our experience and industry know-how, we can introduce you to a range of opportunities offering both security and above average returns. We make it our mission to introduce the right opportunity for you, and to protect your interests throughout the investment cycle. Our team at Overton’s International analyse any potential risk factors rigorously. We realise that due diligence is the key to establishing long term success.

At Overton’s International our corporate mission is to make you our priority. Every client has a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through each step of the process in great detail, and will explain to you the risks attached to each investment, allowing you to make an informed decision on the appropriateness of each investment product.

Investment Funds

Investment funds offer a more traditional investment solutions for clients seeking capital growth. We have access to certain funds which are not typically available to the retail investor. These funds offer a high potential return on capital. However, it is important any would be investor fully understands the structure of the investment vehicle as they can sometimes be of a higher risk.

Property Bonds

Overton’s International has access to a range of property bonds. These products come with a high coupon yield, a legal change over the issuing company’s assets along with an established exit option which is typically at maturity.

Fixed Income

We offer a range of fixed income bonds. These bonds typically range from one to five years with capital fully repaid at maturity. There are also a number of floating bonds which are listed on recognised exchanges. There are income and capital growth options.

Alternative Investments

These investments can often have an investment cycle which is totally different from the investment markets. This makes this asset class an ideal solution for diversification. Would be investors should take note that these investments can often have a lack of transparency. As a result, we make every effort to explain how this investment works in its entirety so you can establish its suitability.