Due Diligence & Analysis

Where unparalleled market intelligence powers astute investment analysis.

Our Diligence Advisory Group (DAG) is an integral component of Overton´s International, a leader in Advisory Services, Brokerage, Valuation and Market Research. For more than a four years, Overton´s International has been a trusted real estate advisor to corporations, institutions, and investors across the industry.

In today’s climate of ever-changing CRE conditions, clients need expert advice and real-time data to make astute business decisions about their investments and portfolios. Within DAG, our seasoned professionals leverage the larger investment knowledge  when advising clients on complex debt and equity investment decisions.

Within DAG, our seasoned professionals leverage our extensive knowledge on project management when advising clients on complex debt and equity investment decisions.

The experience this team brings to Overton’s is diverse and deeply rooted in the broader CRE industry. As a result, the confluence of perspectives offered provides incredible insight and represents a tremendous value add to our clients.


Our Valuation & Advisory group guarantees you’ll have access to trustworthy data, swift reporting and best-in-class-service and insights.

Our capabilities include diligence advisory, financial reporting, portfolio valuation, and individual valuation. With 17 practice groups, we deliver real estate strategies and solutions to clients with unique operational, technical, and business requirements. Access to real-time market data, the insights of our leasing teams, research and capital markets experts, and the experience derived from 3 years of operation ensure the application of best practices and proven successful methodologies.


Consistent delivery across multi-market client portfolios

  • Timely delivery of value conclusions
  • Compliance with financial regulatory requirements
  • Valuations based on access to constantly updated market data