Corporate Structure

This page is designed to give stakeholders a general overview of the structure of Overton’s International.

Overtons International Limited was incepted in January 2014 as a Belize Registered Corporation in accordance with the Belize International Companies Act. This Company is registered at 1 Mapp Street, Belize City, Belize, with company registration number 141790.

This company was set up in Belize due to a favourable tax environment, combined with a strong and stable economy. Additionally, Belize offers the advantages of being based on English Common Law.

In August 2018, Overtons International set up a UK registered company. This company has a registered address as 70 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR, with incorporation number 11518764. This company is a subsidiary of Overton’s International Limited in Belize. Both Entities remain active today.

Belize IBC Act is considered internationally as one of the most modern and user-friendly offshore corporation legislations available today.


Belize has an outstanding record of peace, democracy and stability. The country has not been involved into any conflicts or civil disturbances. 

Legal Structure

Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Non Aligned-Movement. The legal and judiciary system of Belize is based on the English Common Law. 


Unlike many offshore tax havens, Belize is not an island and has a fairly robust and diversified national economy. At the same time, offshore services industry contributes significantly to the country`s earnings. Therefore, there is a wide support among the government and the general public to further develop Belize as a premier offshore financial centre.

English Language

Belize is one of the only two countries in Central and South America having English as the official language. It’s time-zone location is 1 hour behind Eastern Standard Time. Belize offers easy accessibility by sea and air, and has modern telecommunications.