Financial reporting is constantly changing. Our experts are at the forefront of these changes, and have participated in the development and implementation of financial reporting and corresponding valuation standards.

We are experienced in working within, forming and managing multi-disciplinary teams comprised of valuation and non-valuation experts.

Valuation needs in financial reporting are pervasive, and our client base includes corporate entities that own or lease real estate, including REITs that are making acquisitions or restructuring or have tax reporting requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • Business Combinations
  • Long-Lived Asset Impairment
  • Fair Value Accounting
  • Fresh Start Accounting

How Can We Help?

  • ASC805 / SFAS 141R & IFRS 3: Business Combinations – Purchase Price Allocation
  • ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures
  • Fresh Start Accounting
  • Portfolio Investment Valuation Services (Debt & Equity Valuation)
  • Lease Valuation (IFRS 17 – SFAS 13 &157)

Single source solutions

Our experts perform thorough analysis of client needs, including information and requirements of the reporting entity, in order to define clear objectives and the most appropriate course of action.

Robust advice

Fair value reporting has been subject to an increasing level of scrutiny by regulators and auditors. Our team provides robust, independent advice from property-type and geographic specialists.

C-level interaction and consulting

Our experts work with CEOs, CFOs, CAOs, Controllers, auditors, board members, lawyers, advisors, experts, and others on relevant and meaningful levels.

Peer-to-peer review

A peer-to-peer review provides a peer- or professional-level counterpart association in the manner in which engagements and their major issues are addressed by Overton´s International Financial Reporting package. For other experts, this provides a peer-to-peer or peer-to-other professional level association that improves communication, provides higher quality services across the spectrum of disciplines and entities involved, and usually produces cost savings to clients.

Experience and Resources


Our professionals currently hold or have held leadership roles with standard setters and all major valuation organizations across the globe. We are continually involved in and regularly contribute to setting industry standards.

With access to Overton’s International experts across the globe, our team is able to harness their individual and geographic skills along with their highly specialized property knowledge.